Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Search Engine Marketing – Top 5 Ways Not to Get Noticed

There is a lot of debate going on in today’s internet marketing community about what the best way to market to the search engines is. Although there is no genuine consensus on what the best search engine marketing tricks are, there is about what the biggest no-no’s are. We present you, in no specific order the top 5 worst ways to market to the search engines.

1 – Use only euphemisms for your keywords. Instead of using the simple, plain phrase that your customers are bound to be searching for, use a fancy alternative. An example of this would be calling yourself a hair dresser, you call yourself a coiffeur. Sure, they are technically the same thing, but who is really going to search for a coiffeur, when all they are looking for is a trim?

2 – Jam your site with tons of invisible text, written in the same color as your background that is nothing but your target key word again and again and again and, well, you get the picture. This used to be a somewhat legitimate form of search engine marketing, until the search engines caught on and made it a no-no. It is now considered a “black hat” practice and can get you deleted from the search results altogether.

3 – Put up tons and tons and tons of links and then check to make sure that they are still working. Search engines and the people that use them dislike few things as much as finding what looks to be the perfect link for what they are looking for, only to have it lead nowhere when they click on it.

4 – Pointless re-directs. If you go out and buy up tons of URLs with all of the key words that you want but have them all re-direct back to you site, you are just asking for trouble. As bad ideas in search engine marketing go, this is a biggie.

5 – Neglect the article directories. Article directories are your website’s friend. They are the absolute cheapest and easiest form of search engine marketing available. Submitting articles to different publication with a link back to your site is an automatic mark in the plus column for your site. For the best tools for getting your articles on the web and your site high in the rankings today, and see your rankings start to rise as soon as tomorrow, see here: Search Engine Marketing